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Cellular Radio Backup

With NOWLink

Communication to our Alarm Response Center is the key to your security systems effectiveness. ACT NOW ALARM has the ability to monitor your security system over the traditional telephone lines as most security monitoring companies do. Unfortunately, some intruders know that, so many alarm systems are dependant on your home phone line or Internet connection to work properly. Many intruders will take the preemptive measure to cut this line before attempting to enter your home. To counteract this potential problem, ACT NOW ALARM offers NOWLink cellular radio communication. If your alarm sensors are triggered, indicating an intrusion, your cellular radio backup will use a wireless signal to notify our central monitoring station immediately. Whenever your phone or Internet lines are inoperable, know you can remain secure with our reliable cellular radio communication system.

Contact one of our knowledgeable ACT NOW ALARM team members today to learn how you can guarantee your home and family’s safety with a radio backup system.


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