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Security Tips(rss)

Fire Safety

Cooking Range Safety
Keep things that can burn, such as dishtowels, paper or plastic bags, and curtains at least three feet away from the range top.

BBQ Grill Safety
Keep grills at least ten feet away from other objects, including the house and any shrubs or bushes.

Storing Matches & Lighters
Store matches and lighters in a locked cabinet. If you must keep matches or lighters in your jacket or purse, put them in a place where children cannot see or touch them.

Proper Cooking Attire
Before cooking, roll up sleeves and use oven mitts. Loose-fitting clothes can touch a hot burner and catch on fire.

Chimney & Fireplace Inspection
Have a service person inspect chimneys, fireplaces, wood and coal stoves and central furnaces once a year. Have them cleaned when necessary.

Smoking Precautions
Use “fire-safe” cigarettes and smoke outside. Use large, deep ashtrays on sturdy surfaces like a table. Douse cigarette and cigar butts with water before dumping them in the trash.

Fireplace Safety
Keep things that can burn away from your fireplace and keep a glass or metal screen in front of your fireplace.

Fire Escape Plan for Your Family
Make a fire escape plan for your family. Find two exits out of every room.

Smoke Alarm Prevention
Install smoke alarms on every level of your home.

Post emergency numbers near telephones.
Be aware that if a fire threatens your home, you should not place the call to emergency services from inside the home.

Burglar Safety

Tips for Home Safety Wile You Are Away
When you are away from your home, make it look occupied…make it difficult to break in!

Use Quick Release Devices on Barred Windows and Doors
Windows and doors with security bars should have quick-release devices to allow them to be opened immediately in an emergency.

Exterior Door Safety
If exterior doors are hollow-core, replace them with solid wood, fiberglass or steel.

Before Leaving For Work
Most home burglaries occur between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., so get in the habit of locking all doors and windows whenever you go out, and do not leave without setting your alarm!

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Hardwiring CO Detectors
Hardwire detectors if possible: This simply means buy a detector that can be plugged directly into the wall.

CO Dectors and Heat Sources
Install carbon monoxide detectors in all sleeping rooms and within 15 feet from a heat source...

Detector Battery Chaning Reminders
If batteries are needed, check them once a year: Choose a date to test or replace the batteries, like a holiday or birthday, so you won't forget.