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Commercial Access Control

Security and Control Keeping Your Business & Employees Safe

ACT NOW ALARM Access Control Systems are an excellent solution for any commercial business. With more traditional lock and key mechanisms, you sometimes can’t be sure when an employee leaves your company that they have returned their keys, or that the keys haven’t been duplicated. By providing employees with unique identification cards, access control systems afford the extra level of security you are looking for with more control over which employees have access to predetermined locations and when.

Key Features Include:

  • Permissions - With access control, you can determine which employees have right of entry to various locations within your company. So if you have an area you wish to protect, like a server room or storage closet, only persons with the proper permission will be allowed access. Permissions can be changed or removed at any time so you and your employees are always safe and secure.
  • Time Zones - Time zones allow you to establish certain access rights that determine when something can happen. For example, you may only want some employees to be granted access between the hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. When an employee with restricted time zone access tries to enter outside of this zone, they will be denied entry.
  • Activity Log - Access Control Systems provide you the ability to monitor entry and exit activity in your building. An audit trail is created for every employee; logging each time they access, or attempt to access, any secure location.

To learn how ACT NOW ALARM can help you secure your company contact us today!

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